Best Horror Movies To Watch At The Abby This Halloween

October 07, 2022 | best horror movies, boston, candyman, Massachusetts, signs, The Abby
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October is the prime month for a horror marathon.

With Dahmer breaking all kinds of streaming records, there is plenty of interest in other spooky thrills and chills that will frighten viewers to their very core. This year, several genre offerings are celebrating anniversary milestones. Here are some of our favorites we will be watching at The Abby, with our eyes closed, or behind our parted fingers: 

28 Days Later — 20 Year Anniversary 

Plot: A prelude to The Walking Dead’s opener, a man wakes up in a hospital and finds the world has gone to the zombies. 

Scariest Scene: The flat tire scene where a group of survivors make their narrow escape. 

Signs — 20 Year Anniversary

Plot: Pre-cancellation Mel Gibson stars in M. Night Shyamalan’s last good film as a widowed former reverend. Alongside his kids, and Joaquin Phoenix, he begins finding malevolent crop circles in his field. 

Scariest Scene: We still jump at the realistic, low-quality footage of the TV news cast, revealing our unwanted visitors for the first time. 

Candyman — 30 Year Anniversary

Plot: One of the first horror flicks to blend social politics with the genre, the film follows a journalist investigating the folklore surrounding a series of child murders in an urban project dwelling. 

Scariest Scene:  When the Candyman conjures his swarm of bees. 

Hellraiser —30 Year Anniversary 

Plot: A deviant discovers a box that opens a portal to hell, unleashing a group of extra-dimensional sadomasochists. 

Scariest Scene: The entire ending sequence. 

Haxan — 100 Year Anniversary 

Plot: The oldest movie on this list may be the best. One of the first examples of found footage/mockumentary, the silent film explores the history of witchcraft, demonology, and satanism. 

Scariest Scene: Maybe it’s because the flick is a century old, but there are plenty of grave robbing, possessed nuns, and even a satanic Sabbath that makes Haxan seem like a real life document from a far, distant past. 

The Thing — 40 Year Anniversary

Plot: Kurt Russell leads a twelve-man research team at a remote Antarctic research station. Problem is, the scientists aren’t alone. 

Scariest Scene: Still the most iconic, the blood test scene is one of director John Carpenter’s crowning achievements.

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