Interior Decoration Ideas To Liven Up Your Living Space At The Abby

May 28, 2022 | aesthetic, decorating tips, interior decorating, Massachusetts, The Abby
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The change in season offers the perfect opportunity to work on the aesthetic, ambiance, and overall Feng Shui of your home. Celebrate the summer months with trendy, uplifting decor. From bringing the outdoors inside to installing light art on your walls, follow these tips to make sure your room is equipped with modernistic style: 

When In Doubt, Neon It Out

Bland and bare walls are out, neon lights are in. Illuminate any space with LED signage, wall art, lamps, or just general lighting. An expression of American Art Deco, neon has moved from simply advertising design to becoming a creative medium all on its own. Just don’t go overboard and convert your room into a nightclub. 

Tip: Select a color that is complementary to your overall flooring and accent scheme. 

Make The Exterior, Interior 

Quarantine made everyone a plant lover. After all, having a piece of the great outdoors inside made the shelter-at-home period more bearable. 

The connection with nature continues this summer. Outside of succulents, look for nature-inspired surfaces and objects that mimic natural textures, such as crystals, marbles, clay, and other organic materials. 

Tip: Muted palettes are always a must for material-driven applications. 

All-natural and curvy 

Curved mirrors, circular furniture, and unorthodox artwork is taking the place of straight lines, boxy edges, and canvas. This creates a more casual vibe far from the drab office space decor. 

Curves have a way of softening a room, avoiding the hard and aggressive angles that traditional tables and shelving have. 

Tip: Get cozy by purchasing furnishings with soothing coolers. 

The art in artisan

Rustic has been tossed with yesterday’s trash, replaced by artisan hype. The design celebrates natural patterns, hues, and organic materials — showcasing the imperfections of interior decorating. 

Best of all, the creations are sustainable; most are crafted by hand. 

Tip: Frequent trade shows and other design events to guarantee handmade, not mass-produced offerings. 

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