New Places To Check Out Around The Abby

August 18, 2023 | borrachito, boston, kendall square, Massachusetts, puttshack, spin, The Abby
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We’ve always got FOMO for the newest places near The Abby. From indoor mini golf and ping pong, to a hidden bar located behind a freezer door, there are plenty of exciting locations you need to check out. Walking around our beautiful city, these are the best (and most unique) places that we highly recommend. 

Puttshack Boston 

Featuring four indoor mini golf courses spread across two floors and 26,000-square-foot, Puttshack is a fun spot opened last fall. The facility has a nightclub vibe and college-party themes like a beer pong obstacle. The London-based chain is spreading rapidly across the U.S., with the Boston location as the most recent. 


Roughly a year ago, a ping pong club opened over in Seaport. Best of all: it serves Boston cream pie. SPIN offers 14 ping pong tables, plus a restaurant and bar. The menu is Boston-centric, including Fluffernutter wontons and “The 617” burger. 

The Pine Bar

Last summer, Boston Public Market opened its first-ever bar. The cocktail bar — The Pine Bar — features beer, wine, and spirits from across our state. Locals and visitors alike can convene and raise a glass to New England, enjoying a 10-tap, cast iron draft system that serves as the centerpiece of the space. 


This Kendall Square newcomer boasts a three-story restaurant with a rooftop deck. Mex is taco heaven in Cambridge, emerging from a street taco and margarita concept. Diners can order octopus and chorizo tacos, duck carnitas, and oyster tacos. Each floor channels a different vibe, including striping influenced by the 1968 Olympics, snake-skin patterned walls, and a fire pit lounge. 


Although a New York City transplant, Borrachito is much larger in the Seaport location compared to the Big Apple. Walk in the front door of the taqueria and you will see a curving order window set up to grab a variety of tacos, including a jerk chicken rendition. But, the uniqueness of the location is a walk-in freezer door at the right of the pick-up counter. When guests open, they enter a cocktail bar in a hidden, secondary space.

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