The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

March 05, 2024 | boston, interior decorating, Massachusetts, Spring Cleaning, The Abby
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Spring is the perfect time for a total refresh! Cleaning everything at once can be daunting, so let’s take it one step at a time and hit the necessities. 


Dust will build up no matter how hard you try to stay tidy. When dusting, make sure you work from the top of the room down. Once finished, you can vacuum up the fallen dust! Dusting TV stands and bookshelves is important, but don’t forget to dust those hard-to-reach places like ceiling fans and windows.

Clean upholstery

It’s okay that your couches, chairs, and beds are loved; that’s what they’re for! Taking your cushions or blankets outside to beat the dust and dirt off will give them a nice fluff. Don’t forget to vacuum under any cushions to get those pesky crumbs. Before you clean any stains, check tags for instructions on how to clean them! 

Deep clean toilet, sink, and shower

All you’ll really need is some gloves, all-purpose cleaner, and sponges! Getting down and dirty in the bathroom may take some extra time, but you’ll be shocked at how shiny your bathroom looks after you give it a little TLC! 

Declutter refrigerator

Those leftovers from a few weeks ago have got to go… We’ve all been there, staring into the abyss that is our jam-packed fridge. Don’t be afraid to toss what you don’t need anymore. Wiping down the shelves will clean up spills and bring a fresh, new smell!

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