4 Ideas for a Winter Staycation at The Abby

February 15, 2022
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Dinner and a show without ever leaving home! 

You don’t have to go out for a dinner and a show. You can indulge in a spectacular home-made meal or delivery or take-out from your favorite local restaurant, and watch a new movie or binge a new show all from your Flats on D home! Taking time to create a night like this at home is a wonderful way to dedicate time to trying out new recipes or enjoying a familiar comfort meal, it all just depends on what you want. The possibilities are endless! Aside from the cooking and watching, you can also have fun decorating!  Fun string lights, movie popcorn bowls, and much more can add an extra dimension to your fun night at home

Self-care day

Let’s face it, most of us simply do not set aside enough time for self-care. You can pamper yourself without ever leaving your home at the Abby. Our open-concept floor plans and light filled apartments create the perfect environment to truly slow down and enjoy some time to take care of number one…you! Leisurely follow each step in your self-care routine, sip on a tea (or whatever beverage you prefer!), put on a facemask, run a bath, read a book, even take a trip with your furry friend to the pet spa … you get the idea! 

Be a tourist in your own town!

It’s easy to fall into a routine and forget to venture out and see everything that your city has to offer! Quincy is full of shops, delicious restaurants for the foodie in you, and incredible sights to see, so take a day to become a tourist in your own town! To hit every spot you want to see and maybe even plan your next “tourist” day, a helpful tip is to map out each spot you want to visit ahead of time! Located in one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Quincy, you are never far from a wide range of many things to do, and close to home! Visit the map feature on our website by clicking here to start planning. 

Get creative

Be honest, out of the amount of “I’m going to learn how to do that!” crafts you see, how many have you actually followed through with? Taking time to let your creative juices flow, learn a new artistic skill, or even attempt finding a new hobby for yourself is incredibly relaxing and can inspire you in many ways beyond the craft itself! This can be something that you do with your favorite show on or music lightly in the background, or a group activity with friends and loved ones. Part of the fun is going shopping for supplies, so plan a crafty shopping spree at the on-site Target store and settle in for a day of creativity in your home at The Abby

Love the adventure. Live The Abby. Your next journey begins today. Click here to find your revolutionary home in Quincy today. 

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