Bright Light Authentic Jamaican & Filipino Cuisine Is a New Restaurant in Quincy, MA

November 05, 2021 | Bright Light Authentic, Filipino Cuisine, Jamaican Cuisine, Massachusetts, Quincey, The Abby
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Bright Light Authentic Jamaican & Filipino Cuisine may have just opened, but its owners’ attention to detail is already earning the modest eatery some early fans. For instance, one new customer says the owner gifted her a locally grown apple, free of charge, on her way out. This simple act of kindness clinched the great experience for her—and she’s already been impressed by the warm, sugar-dusted plantain sticks that had capped off her meal. Everyone who’s had a chance to stop by has been impressed by the quality of the cuisine, too, which includes both Jamaican and Filipino specialties. The menu may be relatively small, but the chef crafts each dish with such expertise that you probably won’t mind. If you’re craving Jamaican food, the curry goat is a popular option, but you can also go with the fried fish, the oxtail stew, or the jerk chicken. Want to try some Filipino fare instead? This new restaurant in Quincy, MA, dishes out everything from pork liempo (AKA Filipino pork belly) to cassava pudding and halo halo, an ice cream-like treat made with sweetened ube yam.

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