Spring Cleaning Tips At The Abby

April 15, 2022 | Boston living, Massachusetts, Spring Cleaning, The Abby
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They call it spring cleaning for a reason! For allergy sufferers, or the stereotypical neat freak, this time of year is an important time to cleanse your home’s interior. Here are some tips that you can apply to any routine clean-up: 

Make a checklist 

Organization is key here. Instead of scattershot cleaning — which is beneficial to the short attention span, but may create even more work for you later on — make a checklist including all the places that you need to sanitize. Key in on the windows, blinds, fan glades, bookshelves, and baseboards. Once you establish a game plan, check these items off, and see how quickly everything is completed!

Sanitize your sink 

Think about this: a dirty kitchen sink has more bacteria than a toilet seat. It’s the filthiest appliance in a home. Instead of sanitizing the sink with dish soap or a cheap anti-bacterial spray (never purchase, create it instead), fill it up with warm water and add a tablespoon of bleach. Do a quick scrub and let the bleach sit for five minutes, then air dry. Add essential oils if the aroma bothers you. 

Don’t forget food prep appliances

This step is threefold:  

First, tackle the oil spills, food splatters, and burnt spills in your oven by creating a paste with baking soda and water. Spread the paste across the oven door and let sit for 20+ minutes before wiping off. For the microwave interior, heat a cup of water in the microwave, allowing it to steam. Then, wash the slick surfaces with dish soap on a microfiber towel. Finally, wipe down your gas stovetop with a degreaser and scouring pad, effectively eliminating the grease and grime. If its a glass surface, consider baking soda mixed with vinegar.  

Revitalize your fridge 

The most important part of refreshing your fridge is removing everything off the shelves. Nothing is more pesky than trying to clean around a head of lettuce or leftover containers. For any perishables that are questionable, toss them. You’re not going to use that ranch dressing you haven’t touched in a year. After spoiled grub is thrown out, create a mixture of baking soda and water. Once you’ve rinsed and dried surfaces with the creation, leave an open container of baking soda on the bottom shelf to get rid of lingering odors. 

Hard water stains

Oh, the dreaded imperfection on water fixtures. Fear not: the best way to remove these pesky stains is with vinegar. Let sit for at least fifteen minutes, and wipe clean. Your appliances will look as good as new, no need to replace them!

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